Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hellie at Sea


Although the Romance Writer's Revenge has sailed off into the sunset, and all the bonnie pirates have skedaddled to various seas of their own to pillage, please be reassured that you'll still be able to find the pirates at their various spots. Facebook. Twitter. The closest bar with rum in it.

I myself couldn't go long without posting a review or two, so I'll redirect my blogs here for best books I've read lately and whatnot. And if I have any other shining news to share, this is where it'll be done. I doubt it will have the regularity of the RWR, but I'll do my best.

In the meantime, do not panic. We're still here.

And yes, I still have Jack. He's mine.


  1. And Barbossa is following my lead...but how will Jack stay sharp without Hector to prod him?

    And get yer mind outta that gutter!

  2. Aww, thank you guys for commenting! And following me.

    I'll keep Jack sharp, Mo, don't worry. I'm just as capable at keeping him on his toes and I'm much prettier. :)

  3. This is brilliant.
    When settled, you must show some pics of your crochet work!

  4. I'm here! But for some reason Chrome is saying that your site is in Romanian. (???)

    I'm glad you're going to keep doing your reviews. I'm trying to blather regularly at my blog too. We'll see how it goes. :)