Sunday, January 5, 2014

You Might As Well Be Reading

Because it's as cold as *$(% outside.

Okay, maybe not according to Alaska, but I already think you've gotta be nuts to live there. I live in the dead middle of the US, so middle-road. I'd like some middle-road temperatures. But much like the government, Missouri weather doesn't understand the term "moderate" and has to run from one extreme to another. Still, I don't think I'll be missing the -30 wind chill temps in July, even if it is 110 outside.

Sorry I've been off. December got a little busy--and hope it was for you as well, in all the good ways, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and all that.

So I have a couple recommends today. Of course, I'm in a mood, so the regular romances that usually litter my weeks aren't cutting it right now. (I'll be back on soon, I promise.)

If you're in the mood for some speculative historical fiction, I can recommend BRIGID OF KILDARE. I've been doing some research on the saint--and yes, I'm looking a little forward to February 2, which is her feast day, because that's when lambing season begins, and where there are lambs, there is aren't we all looking forward to spring? Exactly. Anyway, because she was a woman in the dark ages, and the Church was trying to suppress women from being the powerful, kickass beings they are, they had their work cut out for them in Brigid. There's a bit of contemporary story as well entwined...and it works out very satisfactory.

If you're in the mood for a memoir, I stayed up all last night to finish reading BOOTSTRAPPER (Mardi Jo Link), which was a very compelling read, but at times, you do have to question her sanity. Okay, not her sanity...the needless pride at some aspects, because we get to three-quarters of the book before the woman files for reduced-free lunches for her kids--and they were not once swimming in food during this book. Are you kidding me? And she didn't want to because she didn't want to admit she was broke. I'm glad it all worked out for her, and her kids are like fairy-tale myths, in my opinion, because they were very good about living on a farm with nothing. And all helpful and stuff. Still, I wish she had come to some realizations a little sooner to make her life a little easier. Still, there are aspects that are "OMG, who goes through that?" and other aspects where you'll be laughing and in the end, you feel like you bootstrapped along with her. Well worth staying up for.

What are you reading?

Oh! Terri Osburn will be blogging with me on January 16th for her blog tour, talking about her third Anchor Island book, HOME TO STAY.


  1. Hey, Hellie! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope your holidays were good. Mine were hectic, but awesome.

    Now we're stuck in the deep freeze of 2014. School's cancelled for today and tomorrow and DH's work has even been cancelled (which never happens). So, instead of enjoying the peace and quiet of an empty house I have to wait a few days to jump back into my TBR.

    The only book I've read over the past few weeks is Courtney Milan's THE HEIRESS EFFECT. I enjoyed it. There are two books being released tomorrow that I'm really looking forward - Lorraine Heath's novella THE LAST WICKED SCOUNDREL and Samatha Young's BEFORE JAMAICA LANE.

  2. Oh, and YAY!!! about Terri's new blog tour for HOME TO STAY. Can't Wait!

  3. The 'Brigid of Kildare' novel sounds interesting. I was at a conference in Trinity College Dublin a few years ago and saw the Book of Kells in the Old Library. The craftsmanship and Love that went into creating some of these ancient manuscripts is inspiring. Great idea for a novel to find an earlier manuscript!

    Currently reading Maria Snyder's fantasy 'Study' Series which I find outstanding and also the first Flavia de Luce mystery 'Sweetness at the bottom of the pie'.

    Hope you have a great 2014 .... You deserve it Hellie!

  4. I appreciate you guys coming back so quickly when I've clearly slacked off on my end! *LOL*

    Irish, I don't envy the cold. We had the arctic crap too, but fortunately it's getting up to a balmy 20 or so degrees today. I'm quite optimistic again. LOVE Lorraine Heath--have you to thank for that.

    Quantum, you got to see the Book of Kells? *swoons enviously* I don't know what would happen if I went to England...I'd never get to see any of the countryside because I'd be looking at every house, castle, and museum I could get a ticket to...and by the time I was done looking, I'd be a permanent resident. *LOL* Of course, that doesn't sound bad! Thank you for the well-wishes. I'm very hopeful about this year too! I hope yours is wonderful and blessed as well!