Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Reasons you should go find a copy of NO GOOD DUKE GOES UNPUNISHED by Sarah Maclean right this second. THIS SECOND. Ignore your family over the holiday and just read this. You will wish these people were your family.

1.) Because you'll stay up late to read it. You'll read it in the bathroom. You'll read it in the car. You'll read it while standing in line. People will think that a little green romance novel is just a natural part of your hand because you won't be able to PUT. IT. DOWN.

2.) The hero is known as the Killer Duke for killing his father's fiancé.

3.) The dead fiancé shows up to offer the Killer Duke absolution in exchange for letting go of her brother's debts. I mean, that right there, how can you not want to read that? He's been condemned for a murder he never committed--he can't remember either way--and she wants him to do her a favor? Is she kidding?

4.) The dead fiancé has a powerful right hook.

5.) The Killer Duke has powerful everything--in fact, he teaches her how to fight. Good man.

6.) The love scene in the boxing ring. SEXIEST SCENE EVER! I mean it was just fantastic. I want to read it another dozen times at least. I don't know how Sarah Maclean is able to make all her love scenes different, yet sensual and breathtaking, but kudos to her and her Muse!

7.) The Black Moment. Seriously people, stop screwing with me and hook these people up! They NEED each other!

8.) The orphans. How can you not adore a group of orphans? You just can't.

9.) The last sentence of the book. Seriously, the last sentence. I read it and went, "WHAT THE F--" and nearly sent stalking emails to Sarah Maclean demanding to see an advanced copy of the fourth book. When the hell is that book coming out anyway? It's not soon enough, I can tell you.

10.) Did I mention the love scene? Yes, the one in the boxing ring, but the other was very fantastic too...still...oh, the book was just magnificent.

Go find this book. It is why you'll be thankful this holiday season. Oh, sure, there's your health and your family and your job...whatever. This book just rounds out a glorious reasons to be thankful!

I'll wait while you read it so we can discuss. Do hurry.

What did you love about it? And if you haven't read it yet, maybe you can tempt me with another...but if you have read it, please let's discuss. Wasn't the last sentence magnificent? YES!


  1. I just downloaded the second book in this series, ONE GOOD EARL DESERVES A LOVER, last night. I read the first book last week after reading Janga's review of NGDGU. I liked the characters but the story was very uneven for me - not enough angst and the heroine way too wishy washy. I'm going to plug on through though cause Janga said she thinks the series has gotten better with each book. I'll start book 2 today and then move on to Temple's story, the premise of which sounds very good and with 2 such rave reviews I have to read it now. Plus there is all this talk of the big reveal about Chase in the epilogue of book 3 that I have to find out about.

    I'm in the middle of THE CHRISTMAS WEDDING QUILT anthology and was thinking of you after last week's post! You should read it - it's a cute Christmassy read from 3 awesome authors - Emilie Richards, Janice Kay Johnson and Sarah Mayberry.

  2. I also read Janga's review and now have this one on the TBR. The above 10 reasons to buy, (Hellie's 10 commandments?), have raised it to the top of my TBR. LOL

    Currently reading Jodi Thomas's 'Whispering Mountain' books ..... VERY good westerns.

  3. I hope the comments box will work now. Yeesh.

    Irish, I understand. I agree with Janga--these books just get better and better the further into the series. The 2nd book was very funny--and I loved how funny and light-hearted it was, but this book, it was VERY EMOTIONAL, it was a lot darker in a lot of ways. There were things to laugh at, but this story was just more emotional and dramatic and I loved it even more than the scientist heroine...

    And I ain't lying about the last line of the book. OMG! *LOL* And don't skip ahead and read it either!

  4. Q, you know when Janga AND I rave about a book that you need to get it. I'm flattered my opinion is almost as good as Janga's...

    I just read a Jodi Thomas book over the weekend, "PROMISE ME TEXAS" and I loved it. I'll need to review it for The Romance Dish very soon.